Build A Dream Business That Generates Explosive Growth In Any Market Condition.

While others freeze in fear, opportunies are out there waiting for you. We'll show you where to dig for gold...
AND give you the tools to mine it.

APRIL 13TH - 16TH 2023 | ST. LOUIS, MO

Pause Or Play?

Right now, most investors have their finger hovering over the “Pause” button on their businesses, wondering if they should push it, and just wait for the storm to blow over.

But, who knows when that may happen?

Inflation is skyrocketing.

Interest rates are racing to levels we haven’t seen since the ‘90s.

Market uncertainty is paralyzing businesses.

At this point, you have two options:

  1. Listen to the “experts”, take shelter from the storm, and hope for the best.
  2. Expand your business by taking advantage of opportunities others are too scared to see.



During Bootcamp, we’re going to reveal the exact framework (the same framework we used to build REI Blackbook during the 2007/2008 Great Recession) for stomping on the gas pedal of your business during times of economic turmoil while others are hitting the brakes in fear.

While others thought we were crazy for starting a business during those tough times, not only did we survive the Great Recession. We thrived!

Here's What Past Attendees Have to Say About REI Bootcamp...

Lucas McCauley

Roberto Piechestein

Kelly Zielinski

Madelaine Groom

Donald Miller

Eric & Marie Stawitz

Ginger & Blake

Hannah Steen

Eric Dommer





If you want to raise your profits during ANY economic time, you need a different approach.

You need an approach that:

- Builds your business around the vision of how you want to live your life

- Builds the systems and processes that remove outside influence on your business (like our current economic downturn)

- Explodes your earnings while others are slowing watching their business fade away

In short, you need to build a BulletProof business…

One that, no matter the market conditions, keeps your revenue, profits, and growth safe.

And the best place to learn to do that is happening Live and in-person on April 13-16, 2023 in St. Louis, MO.



The country's smartest real estate investors.



This is the 22nd installment of REI Bootcamp, and the smartest real estate investors in the country keep returning for one reason: Taking Action.

REI Bootcamp  is a fluff-free event. Instead, you'll get 3 days of proven strategies from experts who have been in your shoes. And built the businesses of their dreams.

There is no theory or "that could work" behind any of the sessions. Everything you hear at Bootcamp is tested, proven, and can be put into action immediately.

You'll leave St. Louis on Sunday with notes upon notes of growth strategies to help you build the business of your dreams.


During REI Bootcamp, you'll have the chance to "stand on the shoulders of giants." Follow the path of successful investors who've already achieved the success you want.

That's why the stage is an exclusive domain for those who have been there. And come out the other side on top. You'll hear the latest ideas, strategies, and insights from our keynote speakers.

Not only will you learn principles that have always worked, but you'll also learn "WWN" - What's Working Now.

Keep it simple. Listen to the experts. And take action.

Hand Raised
Grand Hall


With the country's best in attendance, you'll have the chance to meet the investors who've been in your shoes. Faced your same challenges. And smashed through the same obstacles.

And not just the speakers. The person sitting next to you may quietly be the most successful investor in the room.

You will leave REI Bootcamp with new friends, strategic partnerships, and lifelong memories.



Every year (sometimes twice a year), the country's smartest investors descend on St. Louis, MO to learn what's new, what's hot, and what's actually working RIGHT NOW in real estate investing. Here's what you can expect to learn at this year's REI Bootcamp...

Lead Generation

Fresh, qualified leads are the lifeblood of any real estate investment business. You'll learn how to predictably drive leads into your marketing and sales pipeline so you can grow your business.

Find & Analyze Deals

The risk/reward involved in finding the right (or wrong) property can be intimidating. At REI BootCamp, you'll learn how the pros use tools and technology to locate, analyze, and invest in the right deal, every time.

Business Automation

With today's tools and technology, you don't need to be a technical wizard to build a deal generating machine that works while you're sleeping, on vacation, or simply working on other areas of your business. We'll help you unlock the automation potential inside REI BlackBook.

Funding Your Deals

REI BlackBook users just like you are raising private money to secure their investment properties all across the country. Learn what lenders are looking for when analyzing a deal, and how you can present your property to look best in the eyes of a lender.

Lifestyle Design

Don't just create yourself another job. After all, you got into real estate in the pursuit of freedom! You'll hear how Shaun and other investors have engineered their business so they can enjoy life to the fullest while making great money.

New Tools & Techniques

The savviest investors know there is money to be made by moving quickly on hot new marketing techniques. You'll get early access and training on brand new features in REI BlackBook that capitalize on what's working now in marketing

Automated Lead Conversion

Deserving its own discussion at REI Bootcamp is what separates successful investors from those that fail: CONSISTENT FOLLOW UP! You'll learn how to craft "set it and forget it" follow up campaigns that reel in new deals on autopilot.

A HUGE Announcement!!!

It's not all about using REI BlackBook. In fact, one of the highlights of Bootcamp is going to be one of the BIGGEST announcements we've ever had! It's going to dramatically help all real estate investors - regardless if you use REIBB or not. You're going to have to be here to see it (and believe it).

REI Bootcamp Speakers (so far)...


Damon Remy

Founder & CEO, REI BlackBook


Larry Goins

Legendary Coach | Investor


Matt Hedstrom

Founder, Rehab Estimator Pro


Zach Beach

CEO & Partner | Wicked Smart


Andy & Sarah Wright

Mountain Shamrock Properties, Inc.


Jason Mead

TV Ads Expert | Investor


Andy Werner

Investor | Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the event be Live-streamed?

It will not. Live events have a unique energy and atmosphere that can be difficult to replicate online, which is why we have decided not to live stream the event. Being in the room will exponentially boost your experience...and help you build the business you want.

Will I have the opportunity to get my questions answered?

Absolutely! You've got a few opportunities:

  1. Each session will be followed by a Live Q&A segment
  2. Our team will be available before the start, and following the day's scheduled events
  3. The VIP Networking Party (for VIP ticket holders) is a fantastic place to go even deeper into a topic


Do I need to be an REI BlackBook User?

Absolutely not. REI BlackBook is "just" a tool (albeit a great one). The event is centered around you building your business, step-by-step, that will thrive during any market condition...and taught by those who've already done it. And are doing it.

Will this event be recorded?

Yes, this event will be recorded, and those recordings will be made available for anyone with VIP ticket. Recordings can also be purchased at the event.

REI Bootcamp Is The Premier Event For Real Estate Investors

Join us to find out what's working RIGHT NOW in real estate investing...

Super Early Bird Discount Expires...

The Venue

Historic Union Station in Downtown St. Louis, MO

REI Bootcamp is held at Historic Union Station in Downtown St. Louis. After registering for REI Bootcamp, you will receive a link to book your room and take advantage of the event-only special room rate.

About Union Station

The first train pulled into Union Station on September 1, 1894, at 1:45 pm, ushering in a new and exciting time for St. Louis. The city is known for being the gateway to the West suddenly became a gateway to all of America. Over the next several years, Union Station would become one of the largest and busiest passenger rail terminals in the world.

Today, Union Station is a balance of nostalgia and renovation. The stylish and sophisticated Grand Hall features elegant historic touches like the original terrazzo floor, green glazed terracotta bricks, stained glass windows, and wooden carpentry detailing. This is our favorite venue to host REI Bootcamp, and we're looking forward to another amazing event. Book your tickets today, and we'll see you in St. Louis.