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APRIL 9th - 11th 2021

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From Chaos to Clarity in 3 Days

In uncertain times, businesses that have predictable systems for generating, nurturing, and converting leads into deals are going to not just survive, but thrive.

The problem is, most investors don't know where to start.

What to do first... second... third... etc.

If you're sick and tired of unpredictable swings in deals and revenue, then you need to take a step back and build a game plan for your business.


A vision for how you want to live your life, so you can build a business around it.

Most investors get this all wrong.

They build their business first, then try to figure out how to live their life during their "free time".

And the funny thing about it is...

The more you build your business without focusing on your vision, the less free time you have.

At REI Bootcamp, you're going to learn how to build systems to generate and follow up with leads so you never have to worry where your next deal is going to come from.

But there's more to business than just being good at generating leads and flipping houses.

That's why for the first time, we're holding a 1-day bonus workshop to teach you how to go from "hobbyist investor to business owner".

The BONUS workshop is available to all VIP Ticket Holders.

If you'd like to get an all-access pass to REI Bootcamp + the 1-Day Bonus Workshop,  then be sure to grab your VIP ticket today.

What People are Saying About REI Bootcamp


Game-changing sessions delivered to you by pro marketers and real estate investors that actually do this stuff for a living (not some real estate guru trying to sell you their products or "system")

Lead Generation

Fresh, qualified leads are the lifeblood of any real estate investment business. You'll learn how to predictably drive leads into your marketing and sales pipeline so you can grow your business.

Find & Analyze Deals

The risk/reward involved in finding the right (or wrong) property can be intimidating. At REI BootCamp, you'll learn how the pros use tools and technology to locate, analyze, and invest in the right deal, every time.

Business Automation

With today's tools and technology, you don't need to be a technical wizard to build a deal generating machine that works while you're sleeping, on vacation, or simply working on other areas of your business. We'll help you unlock the automation potential inside REI BlackBook.

Funding Your Deals

REI BlackBook users just like you are raising private money to secure their investment properties all across the country. Learn what lenders are looking for when analyzing a deal, and how you can present your property to look best in the eyes of a lender.

Lifestyle Design

Don't just create yourself another job. After all, you got into real estate in the pursuit of freedom! You'll hear how Shaun and other investors have engineered their business so they can enjoy life to the fullest while making great money.

New Tools & Techniques

The savviest investors know there is money to be made by moving quickly on hot new marketing techniques. You'll get early access and training on brand new features in REI BlackBook that capitalize on what's working now in marketing

Automated Follow Up

Deserving its own discussion at REI Bootcamp is what separates successful investors from those that fail: CONSISTENT FOLLOW UP! You'll learn how to craft "set it and forget it" follow up campaigns that reel in new deals on autopilot.

Past REI Bootcamp Speakers

damon remy

Damon Remy

Founder & CEO, REI BlackBook


Matt Theriault

Investor + Epic Real Estate Investing Show


George Antone


Jason Roberts


Robert Heyder


Josh Arras

Director of Marketing, REI BlackBook


Andy & Sarah Wright

Mountain Shamrock Properties, Inc.


Marcy Martinez

Investor, This Valley Girl Buys Houses

Here's What Past Attendees Have to Say About REI Bootcamp

Lucas McCauley

Roberto Piechestein

Kelly Zielinski

Madelaine Groom

Donald Miller

Eric & Marie Stawitz

Ginger & Blake

Hannah Steen

Eric Dommer

I wish I would have come a year ago...

... my business would be so much farther along.

~ Larry Bates


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get access to the virtual event?

REI Bootcamp is being live-streamed, and you will receive a link to join the live stream every morning 30 minutes prior to the start of each day.

Will I have the opportunity to get my questions answered?

Absolutely! Each session will be followed by a live Q & A so you can get your questions answered by each instructor. Premium & VIP ticket holders get priority when it comes to getting their questions answered.

Will this event be recorded?

Yes, this event will be recorded, and those recordings will be made available for anyone with a Premium, or VIP. Recordings can also be purchased at the event.

Can I buy the recordings after the event is over?

Yes. If you are a basic ticket holder, you can purchase the recordings for $199 anytime after the event.

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