REI BlackBook Presents...

Marketing, Automation & Business Systems Bootcamp

March 2 – 4, 2018 St. Louis, MO

** A LIVE intensive workshop!**
Limited seats are available!

Set Your Business On Autopilot & Accelerate Your Success

Spend 3 days face-to-face with the entire REI BlackBook staff,

and leave armed knowing how to create a dynamic, lead generating, profit pumping, real estate machine ready to work 24/7 for YOU.

We asked everyone during the final day of our last Bootcamp, "Should you come?"
Listen to their response...

You know
you can’t do it all,
but do you know how NOT to?

Let's take a look at your real estate business.

You didn’t decide to be a real estate investor so you could spend all your time…

  • Getting Leads
  • Chasing Sellers
  • Begging for Buyers
  • Playing Phone Tag

Essentially you didn’t say, let me be a real estate investor so that I can give my life to the mundane tasks that have to get done in order to succeed...

No, you did it for the freedom.

The freedom to get out of debt, take vacations, quit your job, and live the confident, secure and worry free lifestyle you've always wanted.

Still, no matter how hard you work, the "stuff" keeps piling on.

It's draining the life out of you, and it has to get done.

But the fact is, if it depends on you it’s not going to get done.

REI BlackBook exists to free you from the day-to-day drudgery that stops most real estate investors in their tracks.

When you come to Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to accomplish what 92% of other investors will never pull off in their business.

REI BlackBook automates the 5 pillars of success in any business:

1. Marketing

Targeted marketing brings the right leads in. The right technology makes lead capture a sinch.

2. Follow Up

Well nurtured leads bring more opportunities at less cost. Most businesses fail here, but REI BlackBook makes it foolproof.

3. Managing Deals

Knowing at a glance where each deal stands means you can manage more deals in less time.

4. Closing Deals

A lot comes into play in closing a deal, but the relationship doesn’t end when the deal is done. You want clients for LIFE!

5. Systems

Most businesses know they need systems, but they don’t know how to implement them. REI BlackBook makes it easy.

REI BlackBook provides strategies that have been PROVEN and field-tested to get real estate investors like YOU extraordinary results.

It’s a very valuable tool, but like all tools, it’s only valuable if you know how to use it.

The Marketing, Automation & Business Systems Bootcamp gives you the strategy and the tactics you need to succeed. 


You’ll Walk Away from Bootcamp…

  • Understanding the why & how behind business systems so you can implement them over and over again
  • Knowing not only what the software does, but why it does what it does so you can make it work for you
  • Understanding how to implement the 5 pillar business success strategy so you can be self-reliant
  • Knowing the most up-to-date marketing trends (we pay attention, so you don’t have to)
  • With first access to new tools and techniques


You’ll Know How to...

  • Delegate and Automate
  • Cut the time and stress you spend behind the screen
  • Funnel the most qualified leads into your business using the Internet on Autopilot, 24/7
  • Use the power of low-cost, easy to produce Video to harness the power of the world’s most visited websites
  • Create instant credibility in your marketplace to dominate your local area and beyond.

REI Bootcamp is Perfect for You if...

Get Your Marketing, Automation,
& Business Systems Bootcamp Tickets Now!

March 2 – 4, 2018 | in St. Louis, Missouri

“Awesome Job! I never knew there were so many options out there. I appreciate the fact that you give us a virtual blueprint, with follow up help just a phone call or email away. Training has given us so much more info on how to market our business, along with so many connections to help along the way.”

Cindy McCain

One of the biggest hurdles REI BlackBook users face is knowing how to set their systems up for success...

Trying to figure it out all on your own, while you’ve still got to run your day-to-day, is nearly impossible.

Life gets in the way sometimes, we totally understand.

Which is why we’re providing you three uninterrupted days to work ON your business instead of IN your business...

When you do that... Massive Breakthroughs And Quantum Leaps Happen!

That's what we want for you!

So we've schemed and plotted a way to steal you away from your business for three days.

You'll come to REI BlackBook stomping grounds for a face to face intensive weekend where we’ll show you how to set up all the elements you need for total business automation, the reason behind each system, and online strategies to not only get leads but nurture them to close.

By the end of the third day you'll be armed to the teeth with everything you need to be a lead generating giant & biz systems badass.

The entire REI BlackBook Staff will be on-site to help. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions, and we’ll walk you through the answers step by step.

This Bootcamp is not for the Faint of Heart!

This is a deep-dive, intensive, roll up your sleeves, and open your brain kind of weekend.

There's work involved! Surprise!

And we're going to hold you accountable, because anything worth doing is worth doing right.

But in all seriousness, if you want to do it better than 92% of business out there, you’ll grab your tickets today.

Get Your Marketing, Automation,
& Business Systems Bootcamp Tickets Now!

March 2 – 4, 2018 | in St. Louis, Missouri

OK, How Much?

A done for you system would run you 21k, but at the end of bootcamp you'll be able to do it yourself - not once but over and over again as your business develops.

But we’re not going to charge you 21k. Not even close.

And we’re offering special pass prices for PRE REGISTRANTS who act now!

Honestly, we're barely covering the costs to put the event on...

That doesn't even account for the time we're paying our staff to be there for three days straight.

But be warned: The price goes up substantially if you wait.

You MUST Register Today!

Let me ask you something...

Does a NASA Astronaut take control of a highly tuned space shuttle without the guidance of Mission Control?

Consider this your launch pad.

You've got the vehicle.

Let us guide you to success.

Click the big orange button to reserve your seat.

You'll be taken to a secure checkout page to complete your registration.

We'll see you in St. Louis!


The REI BlackBook Staff


P.S. By the way, please don't come if you're not ready to see a drastic change in your business.


  • q-iconWhat are the dates of the Marketing, Automation & Biz Systems Bootcamp?

    It is happening October 20 – 22 in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • q-iconWhere is the venue for the event?

    The event will be hosted at the Sheraton Westport Plaza.

  • q-iconI'm trying to book my travel. When do I need to be there?

    The event registration will start around 7:30 AM on Friday, and the event will conclude around 4 PM on Sunday.

  • q-iconCan anyone attend this event?

    Yes, if you’re looking for a major edge in your real estate business, then this LIVE event is for you!

Look What Other People Had to Say...

Rich Burton

" I have been armed with some serious weapons to compete with in the market place."

Rich Burton
Dean Kosson

"I am completely impressed with the content and presentation of material. It's a must for anyone looking to grow their business through state of the art marketing techniques. Opened my eyes to marketing techniques I never knew existed."

Dean Kosson
Debra Nemeth

"I am in the design and marketing business, and learned more here about PR, social media and marketing techiques that will work for ANY type of company. We are new at this and are selling our first rehabbed house next week -- now we can promote that success and use it as a springboard for future deals and establish some credibility in our area."

Debra Nemeth
Dale Birkeland

"Really didn't understand the power of the tool until this bootcamp."

Dale Birkeland
Dustin Shay

"We learned so much about, Press releases, outsourcing and the power of letting go and letting someone else who can do it better do to grow your business, The importance of Having a Strong Internet Presence. It's key to be known. MORE Marketing techniques, only because there is so much to learn, not because you didn't deliver. There are so many great things we are going to be implementing, it will change our lives and with some of the new techniques we have learned we will change other peoples lives too!! It's going to be GREAT!!!"

Dustin Shay

"Great amount of information for the price - my ROI is gonna be off the charts! Yes This will give me a competitive edge - so don't share this with anyone else from St Louis!"

Mark Williams

“I have said time and time again over the weekend that I would have never in a million years figured out the techniques and strategy that have been taught here. The information and strategies that I have learned here I feel like is twice as useful to my business than I have learned in all my College career.”

Josh Cathey

“All the information I have received at the Boot Camp will enable me to dominate my market right out of the gate.”

Fred Cuccinello

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